#CTC #Quarantennis Video Series

During this period where there are no tennis activities at CTC due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be posting regular videos to our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). These are designed to keep players engaged in the Club, connected with other players and inspired to still pick up a racket and get some practice in, as well as providing some light hearted fun and release for everyone. These videos (daily skills, #TekkersTuesday and #FamilyFunFriday) will compliment our other social media features (Friday Filler and Suggestion Sundays) we have lined up during lockdown.
Update 28/06/2020: Despite reopening tomorrow, we will continue to produce 3 videos each week, following great feedback on them during our recent survey to players. The videos will include a #TekkersTuesday skill challenge, a #FamilyFunFriday game and a daily activity which will be released on Saturdays.

We would love to see you have a go at the various skills, challenges and games we share, so film your attempts and share them online. Make sure you tag our social media channels (@CaerphillyLTC) and use the special hashtags #CTC #Quarantennis. We will be rewarding those who get involved regularly, come up with creative and new twists or bring a smile to our face with spot prizes.

Week 24 (01/09/2020-05/09/2020) Playlist:
#Trekkers Tuesday Edige-Uppies, Racket Flip and Handle Tap Ups / #FamilyFunFridays 2 Ball Rally / Super Serve Trickshot

Week 23 (25/08/2020-29/08/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Super Set Rally To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Rally and Touch A Line / Kneeling Overhead Smash Rally To Wall

Week 22 (18/08/2020-22/08/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Strings, Edgie, Reverse Strings Tap Ups / #FamilyFunFridays Racket Swap Rally To Wall / Press Up Throw And Catch To Self

Week 21 (11/08/2020-15/08/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Rally Over Hurdle To Self / #FamilyFunFridays Opposite Shot Rally / Big Ball Bump Rally To Wall

Week 20 (04/08/2020-08/08/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Edgie Control and Rally To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Hot Stepper / Spin and Catch

Week 19 (28/07/2020-01/08/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday 2 Ball Rally To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Rally and Pass Racket Around Body Parts / 2 Ball Box Catcher

Week 18 (21/07/2020-25/07/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Behind The Back Rally To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Spikeball / Up and Down Wall Catcher

Week 17 (14/07/2020-18/07/2020) Playlist:
#TekkerTuesday Tweener/HotDog Rally To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Step Back Rallies / Zig Zag Jumper

Week 16 (07/07/2020-11/07/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday 2 Ball Tap Ups / #FamilyFunFridays Hoop Bounce Switch / Flamingo Rally

Week 15 (29/06/2020-04/07/2020) Playlist:
#TekkersTuesday Pocket Catcher / #FamilyFunFridays Break The Rules, Enjoy Your Game More / Big Ball Tap Ups

#CTC Reopening Preparations Video Diary (Week 14) Playlist

Week 13 (15/06/2020-20/06/2020) Playlist:
Right Hand Left Hand Rally To Wall / #TekkersTuesday Horizontal Pancake Catcher + Flip And Catch / Footwork Ladder Ickey Shuffle (2 in, 1 out) / Racket Drop / #FamilyFunFridays Over and Under / Finger Catches

Week 12 (08/06/2020-13/06/2020) Playlist:
Body Control Rally To Wall / #TekkersTuesday Racket Rollover / Figure 8 With Split Step / Snowman Ball Balancer / #FamilyFunFridays Ping Pong Tennis / Big Ball Little Ball Swapping Catcher

Week 11 (01/06/2020-06/06/2020) Playlist:
Drop Bounce Hit Catch Rally To Wall / #TekkersTuesday Forearm-Racket Handle Catch / Fast Feet With 2x Bounce Catch / Single Leg Superman With Twist Out / #FamilyFunFridays Bump It Loop It Swap It / Spin and Catch Versus Wall

Week 10 (25/05/2020-30/05/2020) Playlist:
Serve and Catch In Tube / #TekkersTuesday Tap Ups Variation Strings and Butt Cap Alternating / Hot Stepper with Tap-Ups / Single Leg Low-High Catcher / #FamilyFunFridays Pokemon / Hotdog Clap and Catch To Wall

Week 9 (18/05/2020-23/05/2020) Playlist:
Figure 8 Racket Dribble / #TekkersTuesday Racket Wrist Flick / Racket Saver (Change of Direction) / V Sit Throw and Catch / #FamilyFunFridays Human Net / Basketball Dribble To Press-up

Week 8 (11/05/2020-16/05/2020) Playlist:
Tube Catcher / #TekkersTuesday Twiddles Right, Left, Switch / Bounce, No Bounce To Wall / Press-up Throw and Catch To Wall / #FamilyFunFridays Chase and Return / One Up One Down Catcher

Week 7 (04/05/2020-09/05/2020) Playlist:
Racket Bomber / #TekkersTuesday Spin Bouncer / Footwork Ladder Bunny Hops, 90 Degree Spin Jumps / Single Leg Balance Pickup / #FamilyFunFridays Rally Up / Cherry Picker

Week 6 (27/04/2020-02/05/2020) Playlist:
Rally Versus Wall To Towel / #TekkersTuesday Around The World / Slam Down, Sit and Catch / Lateral Skater Jumps / #FamilyFunFridays Spike, Catch, Tap Up, Switch / Clap and Catch

Week 5 (20/04/2020-25/04/2020) Playlist:
Pancake Catcher / #TekkersTuesday The Racket Twist / Lateral High Knees with Hold / Racket Step Through / #Tennis26Challenge #TwoPointSixChallenge / Hand and Foot Rally Versus Wall

#CTC #Quarantennis Video Series Bloopers and Outtakes 1

Week 4 (13/04/2020-18/04/2020) Playlist:
Super Set Tap Ups / #TekkersTuesday The Impossible One / Toe Taps Roller Ball / Throw To Wall and Hop Back / #FamilyFunFridays Flip Items Co-Op / Tap Ups on 4x Levels

#CTC Head Coach Jon and Coach Andy #100VolleyChallenge

Week 3 (06/04/2020-11/04/2020) Playlist:
Tap Ups, Around The Back, Through The Legs / #TekkersTuesday Racket Flip / Balance and Write On Paper / Footwork Ladder 2 In 2 Out, Hop Scotch / #FamilyFunFridays Rally and Collect / Flipper Challenge.

Week 2 (30/03/2020-04/04/2020) Playlist:
Racket Balancer / #TekkersTuesday The Racket-Foot Flick Up / Shuffle Bounce Catch Recover / Hop Box / #FamilyFunFridays Household Items To Target / Kick and Catch Versus Wall.

Week 1 (23/03/2020-28/03/2020) Playlist:
Tap Ups, Body Bouncer / #TekkersTuesday Edgie-Uppies / Fast Feet Figure 8 / Balance Compass Points Touch / #FamilyFunFridays Rally Around The House / Claw Catcher.

Video 001 (22/03/2020) – Water Bottle Challenge

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