What People Say About Us

Club Feedback Scheme
Since reopening after the first lockdown in 2020, we have introduced a new weekly survey to users who book courts to play at CTC. This allows them to reflect on their visit, from the initial online booking tool and the combination lock gate access, to the courts and their overall experience, as well as the safety measures in place and information we make available.
As of 22nd May, over 300 users have rated us as 9.84/10!

Testimonials from court booking survey (summer 2020)

  • “Fab club with the players at the heart of everything they do!”
  • “From the information provided online prior to my visit to all of the measures and precautions they have put in place, I don’t think that the club could have done anything more to provide a safe environment for players.”
  • “The perfect place to play tennis with family and friends.”
  • “Everything is organised very well: the online booking, access code lock to get in, posters and floor markings, the facilities, follow up survey. We’ll definitely be back!”
  • “Their efforts make the Club feel like one of the safest public places to visit during these times of Covid-19.”
  • “I would like thank Jon and the CTC team for their utmost efforts of bringing Caerphilly Tennis Club up and running again after Covid. Huge thanks and well done!”
  • “Our family really appreciate the effort CTC team has put in to reopen and make it as safe as possible.”

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