Coronavirus Update – Return To Tennis Timeline [Updated]

Update 05/09/2020
Emails have been sent out to all those on our Junior programme regarding Junior Social sessions over the next few weeks that tie in with our pre-lockdown schedule. These sessions will allow your child to return to the Club and tennis as a sport, familiarise themselves with the measures and rules we have in place, and allow Head Coach Jon to assess them ahead of coaching groups resuming later this month.

Update 23/08/2020
Emails have been sent out to all those on our Junior and Adult programmes regarding the possible return of our full coaching schedule from Monday 7th September. Existing Adult players and Junior parents should check their inboxes and get in touch with us if you haven’t received it. New players who wish to join our programmes should still contact us so we can advise further.

Update 26/07/2020
Junior Socials (assisted playing sessions) will be run at CTC by Head Coach Jon from Monday 27th July. Arranged by the playing stage, it will allow players to get back on-court, see their friends and get fresh air and exercise. Places are limited and must be booked and paid for online.

Update 19/07/2020
2 Adult Social Nights will return to CTC as of Monday 20th July. Ladies Night will run on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm, while Men’s Night will run on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. If you would like to attend, please contact Head Coach Jonathan Morgan.

Update 16/07/2020
We have sent out proposed plans for both the return of Adult Socials and Junior activity via email to all players, and would appreciate feedback from Adult players and Junior parents.

Update 10/07/2020
The CTC Management Committee acknowledges the latest lifting of lockdown restrictions as announced today by the Welsh Government and have viewed the freshest guidelines from Tennis Wales, which both represent massive changes not only to tennis but many aspects of daily life. We will, as we have done so throughout lockdown and our phased reopening, consider these details during the coming week and will provide an update in due course.
For now, and until further notice, the current rules both on and off court (which have been in place since we reopened almost 2 weeks ago) remain in place and must be followed by all users.

Update 28/06/2020
Check out our Reopening Preparations Video Diary playlist on the CTC YouTube channel to see all the work our volunteers have done this week to prepare the Club for our reopening tomorrow!

Update 26/06/2020
Emails have been sent to all Junior parents and Adult players containing the links to join as members and book courts, with both now live! If you have any problems, please contact Head Coach Jonathan Morgan.

Update 21/06/2020
We have emailed all Junior parents and Adult players this evening with details of our household membership deal (online registration postponed as we iron out a few issues) and court booking. We also included advice on a safe return to tennis from a physical standpoint, the Tennis Wales guidance and other key CTC information ahead of our reopening on Monday 29th June.

The Welsh Government announced earlier today that outdoor sports courts may reopen from Monday 22nd June 2020 and as such tennis can be played again after a 3 month absence during the Coronavirus Pandemic. While we at CTC are delighted with the news and cannot wait to get back on-court, the Management Committee has agreed to implement a phased return in order to prepare the grounds accordingly, embed new systems of operating across all areas of club management and ultimately manage a smooth and safe return to tennis. This was communicated with current players last weekend, and was positively received, and we are now sharing this information with the wider public. This phased timeline is as follows:

Monday 22nd June
Club to remain closed for play as volunteers prepare the facilities and grounds for a safe reopening. This includes general Club maintenance (that has not been able to be completed due to lockdown restrictions) as well as specific measures taken to minimise the risk of Coronavirus to all users, including installation of hand sanitiser stations, floor markings and introduction of online tools to manage membership and court bookings. During this time we will also run test runs of our procedures as well as produce resources to guide and explain the host of measures in place for the safe playing of tennis at CTC.

Monday 29th June
We will initially open the courts to members only. The 200+ players on our current programme, ranging from 4 year olds right through to 86 years old, will be invited to sign up for membership from Sunday 21st June and then be able to book courts online.

Monday 13th July
If the first phase of reopening goes smoothly and the public health situation maintains or improves in the coming weeks, we will then open up online court booking to the public, as well as giving them the chance to join as members as well.

At each stage of our return of tennis plan, there will be on-going reviews of the systems, court usage and safety measures as well as gathering of feedback from players. This plan is very much flexible to respond to any changes in legislation or guidelines that may occur.

The CTC Management Committee believe this phased approach will allow us to fully embed our new systems both online and practically at the Club, as well as manage court time in the first instance as we anticipate very high demand. We know a lot of members of the public, over 250 in the main summer months alone in 2019, love using our courts each summer and may be disappointed that they have to wait an extra few weeks, but the Management Committee believe this is the safest and most suitable way to reopen our Club.

We will continue to be guided by Welsh Government as well as Tennis Wales / LTA and other bodies. We will be sending detailed information and additional guidelines to current players soon, as well as making this information available online for the public. Future updates on the Return To Tennis will be posted at the top of this post, on social media as well as communicated directly to players.

We would like to take this chance to firstly thank Tennis Wales for all of their efforts in lobbying for the safe return of tennis, and secondly thank all of our players and the wider community for their support and engagement during what has been a very testing time not only for the Club and the local community, but the nation as a whole. Thank you and we hope to welcome you back to CTC very soon!

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