CTC Lockdown 3 Activities

As Wales faces another lockdown period, we will be sharing lots of new content across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) in the coming weeks. And seeing as January is traditionally the month where people start working out, we are going to share some activities that will not only keep your body active but also test your brain! These will include:

  • Weekly brain workouts for everyone to try. Juniors will be able to confirm and expand their knowledge of the game while Adults will be able to keep mentally active with tennis based questions. Answers to the weekly questions will be shared each weekend.
          • Monday puzzle will vary each week but always have 2 different levels (an easy version aimed at younger Juniors and a hard version for older Juniors, parents and Adult players).
          • A #ThursdayTeasers worksheet for everyone to try that will feature 3 quick mini games and/or teasers.
  • A weekly #TennisWorkoutAtHome video series from Head Coach Jonathan Morgan. Each week, he will demonstrate a warmup, shadow swing drill and stretch that will keep you ticking over during lockdown but could very well become an integral part of your pre/post-tennis routine. The warmup and stretches should be accompanied with additional exercises, while the shadow swing drill could be repeated several times, modified or combined with others to get a full workout. Each workout is designed to be around 10-15 minutes, can be performed in a small space, inside or out, and with minimal equipment (you don’t necessarily need a tennis racket!).

We would love to hear how you get on and see you getting stuck in to the range of activities, so share them with our social media channels (be sure to use #CTC along with the specific activity hashtag) or even send them directly to Head Coach Jon.

Week 9 (08/03/2021-13/03/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Matchup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 9
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 9 (Answers)

Week 8 (01/03/2021-06/03/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Player Mashup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 8
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 8 (Answers)

Week 7 (22/02/2021-27/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Matchup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 7
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 7 (Answers)

Week 6 (15/02/2021-20/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Crossword – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 6
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 6 (Answers)

Week 5 (08/02/2021-13/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Fill In The Blanks – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 5
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 5 (Answers)

Week 4 (01/02/2021-06/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Word Scramble – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 4
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 4 (Answers)

Week 3 (25/01/2021-30/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Match Up – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 3
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 3 (Answers)

Week 2 (18/01/2021-23/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Cryptogram – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 2
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 2 (Answers)

Week 1 (11/01/2021-16/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Wordsearch – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 1
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 1 (Answers)

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