CTC Hit To Wimbledon Fundraiser Challenge

Update 26/06/2021:
The Tennis Leaders along with Project Lead and Head Coach Jonathan Morgan have taken the decision to postpone their Hit To Wimbledon Challenge by 1 week, and so it will now take place on Sunday 11th July.
This is after 6 of our Leaders, who were set to be a part of the challenge team, must self-isolate after positive Covid cases in their schools and as such are not available. And with 4 Leaders already set to miss the original date due to other circumstances/commitments, this would see almost half of our Leaders not be able to participate in their own event, a factor which greatly influenced this decision. Also, with just 12 Leaders taking part in the challenge, it would become much more demanding in terms of time and effort for them all while many will need to be in school the following morning.
The whole group are very excited to come together for this event on the new date of Sunday 11th July and hope to continue to raise lots of money for YoungMinds and their own Leadership Project Fund.

Our 23 newly trained Tennis Leaders wanted to organise a special event that not only raised money for their Leadership Project Fund but also a charity which they all agreed on supporting. So on Sunday 4th July, they will team up and hit the distance from Caerphilly Tennis Club to Centre Court at Wimbledon, a total of 130 miles!

All monies raised will be split equally between:

  • The CTC Leadership Project Fund. This additional funding will provide all 23 candidates with further training, additional resources and more opportunities to help them develop in their volunteer roles, both on the court with their coaching skills but also off the court with their personal development. The project aims to give them valuable volunteer experiences and the opportunities to improve their empoyability/transferable skills, but also benefits CTC as more children can take part in our weekly Junior programme.
  • YoungMinds. While wanting to fundraise for their own Leadership Project Fund, the Leaders unanimously agreed to also support a charity which they all agreed on. This being YoungMinds – the children”s and young people’s mental health charity. Over the past 15 months, they and their peers have faced many challenges and pressures at home, in school, among their friendship groups and within wider society, with one survey by YoungMinds showing that 67% of young people feel the pandemic will have a negative impact on their long term mental health. They want to support the work of YoungMinds to make sure that every young person gets the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

You can donate via cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Caerphilly Tennis Club) when you’re at the Club or get in touch with us for an address to post it to. Or you can donate online here (although card fees will be applied and reduce your overall donation).

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May Half Term 2021 at CTC

Junior Socials

We will be running 10 Junior Socials sessions across the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdsay in place of our normal weekly coaching programme. These sessions will include warmups and skill builders, rallies and challenges plus lots of matchplay in both singles and doubles formats.

These Junior Socials will be an extended 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration with options for each stage in the mornings and afternoons. Spaces cost members £4.20 and non-members £5.20, with place being able to booked online here.

Adult French Open Festival

During the half term week, there will be no organised Adult socials or coaching groups, but instead our first event in our new Grand Slam Team Challenge series on Wednesday 7th June from 7pm. Celebrating the French Open, players will be able to enjoy some social competition where we will not only crown event winners but also add scores to a yearly leaderboard.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance online here, costing members £3.50 and non-members £5.

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Adult Open Nights – April 2021

Last week, the Welsh Government indicated that should the public health situation allow then organised outdoor activities for adults will be able to resume from Monday 26th April. As such we have planned 3 free open nights that week to welcome players back before our full Adult Programme resumes in full the following week.

  • Open Ladies Night
    • Monday 26th April, 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • For Ladies players who attend any of the following sessions: Monday Ladies Night, Tuesday Ladies SET coaching, Wednesday Tennis Xpress Women’s Only or Mixed courses, Wednesday Adult Intermediates coaching, Thursday Advanced Doubles.
  • Open Men’s Night
    • Tuesday 27th April, 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • For Men’s players who attend any of the following sessions: Monday Men’s ACE coaching, Tuesday Men’s Night, Wednesday Tennis Xpress Mixed course, Thursday Advanced Doubles.
  • New Adult Players Open Night
    • Wednesday 28th April, 7pm-8:30pm *Postponed to Wednesday 5th May, 7pm-8:30pm*
    • This is aimed at new members who have recently joined the Club and may wish to get more involved with our Adult Programme this summer, as well as any prospective new players who may want to try tennis and find out more about what we offer.

During each event, Head Coach Jonathan Morgan will run a few warmups and drills whilst offering some coaching tips to get you all going again, before you play lots of social doubles and fun team games. We will also be providing players with an update on our Adult Programme going forwards, discuss plans for competitive tennis this summer, as well as share some of our goals as to be included in our new 2021-26 Vision and Strategic Plan.

The events are open to players of all abilities/experiences so you get to meet more players at the Club, but drills and playing partners will be matched to ensure they are suitable and enjoyable for you.
Spaces are limited to 24 at each event and must be booked online via ClubSpark here (or you can use the links above).

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LTA Youth Start Courses Come To CTC!

CTC are excited to be offering the brand new LTA Youth Start courses throughout 2021! Formerly known as the LTA’s Tennis For Kids programme, we have run many courses in recent years, introducing over 100 new children to tennis!

LTA Youth Start Logo (Landscape)

This fantastic product from the LTA gives children aged 4 to 11 years old a perfect start to tennis. For just £29.99 (+£t P&P), they get:

  • 6 hours of lessons with our specially trained, fully accredited and award-winning Head Coach Jonathan Morgan
  • An LTA Youth Start branded tennis racket (23 or 25 inch) with a set of 3 Mini Red balls
  • An LTA Youth Start t-shirt and 2 wristbands
  • More goodies throughout the course including stickers and activity cards
  • Plus all players will get access to an exclusive offer on follow-on coaching lessons

Upcoming courses:
Course 1 – 5-8 year olds – starting 4pm on Friday 23rd April – *FULL*
Course 2 – 9-11 year olds – starting 5pm on Friday 23rd April – *FULL*
Course 3 – 9-11 year olds – starting 4:30pm on Saturday 15th May – *FULL*
Course 4 – 6-8 year olds – starting 10am on Saturday 12th June

More to be added soon so keep checking back here as well as by following CTC on social media.

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CTC Lockdown 3 Activities

As Wales faces another lockdown period, we will be sharing lots of new content across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) in the coming weeks. And seeing as January is traditionally the month where people start working out, we are going to share some activities that will not only keep your body active but also test your brain! These will include:

  • Weekly brain workouts for everyone to try. Juniors will be able to confirm and expand their knowledge of the game while Adults will be able to keep mentally active with tennis based questions. Answers to the weekly questions will be shared each weekend.
          • Monday puzzle will vary each week but always have 2 different levels (an easy version aimed at younger Juniors and a hard version for older Juniors, parents and Adult players).
          • A #ThursdayTeasers worksheet for everyone to try that will feature 3 quick mini games and/or teasers.
  • A weekly #TennisWorkoutAtHome video series from Head Coach Jonathan Morgan. Each week, he will demonstrate a warmup, shadow swing drill and stretch that will keep you ticking over during lockdown but could very well become an integral part of your pre/post-tennis routine. The warmup and stretches should be accompanied with additional exercises, while the shadow swing drill could be repeated several times, modified or combined with others to get a full workout. Each workout is designed to be around 10-15 minutes, can be performed in a small space, inside or out, and with minimal equipment (you don’t necessarily need a tennis racket!).

We would love to hear how you get on and see you getting stuck in to the range of activities, so share them with our social media channels (be sure to use #CTC along with the specific activity hashtag) or even send them directly to Head Coach Jon.

Week 9 (08/03/2021-13/03/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Matchup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 9
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 9 (Answers)

Week 8 (01/03/2021-06/03/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Player Mashup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 8
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 8 (Answers)

Week 7 (22/02/2021-27/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Matchup – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 7
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 7 (Answers)

Week 6 (15/02/2021-20/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Crossword – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 6
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 6 (Answers)

Week 5 (08/02/2021-13/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Fill In The Blanks – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 5
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 5 (Answers)

Week 4 (01/02/2021-06/02/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Word Scramble – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 4
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 4 (Answers)

Week 3 (25/01/2021-30/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Match Up – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 3
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 3 (Answers)

Week 2 (18/01/2021-23/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Cryptogram – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 2
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 2 (Answers)

Week 1 (11/01/2021-16/01/2020)
Monday Puzzle: Wordsearch – Easy Version (Answers)  /  Hard Version (Answers)
#TennisWorkoutAtHome Video 1
#ThursdayTeasers Questions 1 (Answers)

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Covid-19 Update: Wales To Enter Alert Level 4 [Updated]

Update 12/03/2021
At today’s review of the lockdown restrictions by Welsh Government, they confirmed that tennis clubs will be able to reopen from Saturday 13th March. While we are delighted at this news, the CTC Management Committee has agreed to take several days to prepare the Club, facilities and grounds once again, and are targeting Friday 19th March as a reopening date. This was communicated to all players last weekend. This will allow us to make all the necessary preparations in terms of general maintenance and Covid specific safety measures, while factoring in the jobs to do, volunteer workforce and giving us a cushion for any bad weather that we may have. If we can reopen sooner, then we will of course do so and share any news at the top of this post and on the CTC social media channels.

We have received the latest guidance from the LTA/Tennis Wales which outlines the types of tennis activity permitted under the newly reviewed restrictions, that being:

  • You can play singles with members of your own household, or with one person from another household.
  • You can play doubles within your household or with two people from another household. The doubles pairs should remain in their households and not mix.
  • 1-to-1 coaching lessons can resume. 1-to-2 lessons are also permitted with players from the same household.
  • All tennis activity must follow the Welsh Government requirement to stay local.

We look forward to seeing our current players back at the Club soon as well as welcoming new players along. In the mean time, keep an eye on our social media channels for updates as we return to the courts!

Update 20/02/2021
The Welsh Government announced yesterday that the Stay At Home restrictions will remain in place for at least another 3 weeks and Tennis Wales/LTA have since confirmed that this includes tennis clubs so Caerphilly Tennis Club will have to remain closed until at least 12th March 2021.
This is disappointing given the positive comments made by some ministers last week where health and fitness facilities were named a high priority within the reopening process. We can only hope there is better news for tennis and other outdoor sports in 3 weeks time, as Tennis Wales/LTA continue their dialogue with Welsh Government in order to facilitate and promote a safe return for the sport.
We will continue to keep all players updated directly via email and/or text, as well as online at the top of this post and via the CTC social media channels.
In the mean time, be sure to check out and get involved with our lockdown 3 activities which Head Coach Jon has promised to continue over the next 3 week period.

Update 30/01/2020
After yesterday’s review by Welsh Government where it was confirmed that Wales is to remain in Alert Level 4, and subsequent confirmation from Tennis Wales/LTA, Caerphilly Tennis Club will remain closed for at least the next 3 weeks.
Within this review, First Minister Mark Drakeford did confirm a slight change to the rules on exercise, now allowing you to buddy up with a person from another household to exercise outside. Unfortunately this doesn’t extend to tennis clubs despite the sport’s socially distanced nature, the measures clubs across Wales like ourselves have taken to ensure a safe environment as well as the proven benefits sport, and in particular tennis, can give players both physically and mentally. But this does show promising signs for future reviews, with the next one to take place on 19th February.
We will continue to keep players updated at the top of this post, across our social media channels and directly via email and/or text. In the mean time, be sure to check out and get involved with our lockdown 3 activities.

Update 09/01/2020
Following yesterday’s (8th January 2021) announcement from Welsh Government that they have extended the period that Wales will remain in Alert Level 4, we must confirm that Caerphilly Tennis Club will remain closed until further notice. The extension to lockdown restrictions is in response to the continued high number of cases in Wales and the pressure this is putting on the NHS.
As is customary, the next review is set for 3 weeks time on 29th January. First Minister Mark Drakeford did warn though, that the lockdown period may be extended further unless there was a significant reduction in cases across Wales. We will continue to keep players updated at the top of this post, across our social media channels and directly via email and/or text.

Following tonight’s breaking news that Wales will enter Alert Level 4 at midnight tonight (Saturday 19th December) and swift confirmation from Tennis Wales, Caerphilly Tennis Club will now be closed until after this latest lockdown.

We apologise to all those who have courts booked in the coming days or were set to take part in our Adult Christmas Triples event tomorrow afternoon. Due to the short notice, we cannot contact everyone individually at this time but will be sending a full email update to all users tomorrow.

It’s not the way we wanted to end 2020, but we hope to see you all back on-court again when the situation allows.
We will continue to provide further updates over the festive period and in to the New Year both directly to users and at the top of this post. We will also share these updates as well as additional content on the CTC social media channels during this time, so make sure you are following @CaerphillyLTC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Firebreak Lockdown Activities at CTC

During the 2 week Firebreak Lockdown, we’ll be sharing a 4 more Blooper and Outtake reels from our Lockdown 1 Quarantennis series as well as some activities for you/your child to complete. These activities will be different and focus on arts, crafts, tennis knowledge and reflection of your own game.

As always, get involved and share your efforts with us whether sharing them on your preferred social media platform and tagging us (@CaerphillyLTC) or sending them directly to Head Coach Jonathan Morgan.

Use the following links to see the original social media posts with information of the activities set, and then the links below to the CTC YouTube channel so you can watch the 4 Blooper and Outtake reels.

Firebreak Lockdown photo competition

Activity 1 – Decorate a tennis ball
Activity 2 – Design your perfect tennis club
Activity 3 – List as many words related to tennis as you can
Activity 4 – Create your tennis profile

CTC​ #Quarantennis​ Bloopers and Outtakes 2
CTC​ #Quarantennis​ Bloopers and Outtakes 3
CTC​ #Quarantennis​ Bloopers and Outtakes 4
CTC​ #Quarantennis​ Bloopers and Outtakes 5 (Family Fun Fridays special)

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Coronavirus Update – Firebreak Lockdown Closure [Updated]

Update 06/11/2020
The CTC Management Committee are pleased to announce that the Club shall reopen on Monday 9th November following the firebreak lockdown and further guidance from Welsh Government, Tennis Wales / the LTA and other bodies. When we reopen, we will be offering a full weekly schedule (including Junior coaching programme, Adult coaching programme and Adult Social Nights) as well as making the courts available to book for both members and visitors.

Following the Welsh Government’s announcement on Monday [19th October] of a short, sharp firebreak lockdown from 23rd October to 9th November, and subsequent confirmation that all tennis clubs must close during this period from Tennis Wales and the LTA, Caerphilly Tennis Club will have to shut from 6pm on Friday 23rd October.

As such, our Junior and Adult Programmes have been suspended as have court bookings from 6pm on Friday 23rd October. We will remain open until then – Junior and Adult sessions will be running as normal this week, and our courts will remain available to book but players will need to vacate our premises by 5:45pm on Friday 23rd October.
If you had booked on to any of our organised sessions for Saturday 24th October, Head Coach Jonathan Morgan would have already been in touch to transfer your child’s place to a weekday session, will hold your credit for a future session or can issue a refund.
If you have booked a court after 6pm on Friday 23rd October, then we have cancelled it. Members, who can book courts for free, are unaffected but any visitors who have already paid for a court will be able to claim a refund or transfer their booking to a future date.

This is obviously disappointing news as tennis clubs have shown to be safe (we at CTC have had glowing feedback from our players, visitors and Tennis Wales for the measures and rules we have been operating under since reopening 17 weeks ago) and we all know that tennis is, and has been, a fantastic form of outdoor physical exercise and mental release for players of all ages and abilities in recent months. But we clearly understand the need for Welsh Government to take further action at this time to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further in order to keep us and our communities safe.

The firebreak lockdown has been set for a 2 week period, ending on Monday 9th November, at which point we hope to be able to reopen. Welsh Government will review the situation throughout this 17 day period and if further measures are deemed necessary these will be communicated before 9th November. It is also possible that further restrictions (much like when tennis was first allowed back earlier this summer) could be re-introduced as clubs start to reopen again.

As we have done throughout these past 7 months, we will keep our players informed directly (via email and/or text) as well as update this post and share news on the CTC social media channels. We also have some more content planned for our social media channels, so make sure you follow them and get involved!
We hope that you and your families stay safe and well, and we look forward to seeing all of our players back at CTC in a few weeks time.

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Caerphilly Local Lockdown Update – Temporary Closure Of CTC [Updated]

Update 18/09/2020
We have been made aware this morning, that the mobile testing site at Caerphilly Leisure Centre has been extended again and will remain until Monday 21st September, contrary to the advice we received on Wednesday.
However, the Caerphilly Tennis Club Management Committee have agreed that CTC will remain open for court bookings over the next 4 days, taking into account the following:
– The testing centre has a limited daily capacity, and so there will not be the 100s visiting it each day as was the case last week.
– The testing centre is operating 8am to 3pm, with most bookings over the next 4 days being after this time. This should not only ease the travel disruption, but also stands to reason that there will be a minimal number of individuals who are symptomatic in the close vicinity to the Club. We understand that over the weekend though, there will be a large number of bookings within this timescale too.
– We have planned and advertised our reopening, with a surge in bookings from members and the public, all of whom are keen to get back on-court after our precautionary closure over the last 10 days.

We must stress that you visit CTC at your own risk. We ask that all visitors in the coming days are extra careful, making sure that you, your playing partners and others are following the public health advice as well as adhere to the additional measures we have put in place at CTC.
If you have a court booked yet decide not to visit, then that is fine although we would ask you to cancel your booking to free up the court. If you are a visitor who has paid the guest fees, please get in touch with us and we will rearrange your booking for a different day and time at no extra charge.

We will be contacting the necessary people today to try to confirm if the mobile testing centre will in fact be decommissioned on Monday, or if it could again be extended. If it is to remain for a longer period, the Caerphilly Tennis Club Management Committee will discuss this, put together a plan and communicate it to all of our users.

Update 16/09/2020
CTC has received confirmation that the mobile Covid-19 testing unit at the neighbouring Caerphilly Leisure Centre will be closing tomorrow (17/09/2020), which paves the way for us to reopen on Friday 18th September.
– Court bookings will be open for Friday (18th September) and onwards.
– Junior sessions will restart week beginning Monday 21st September with Head Coach Jonathan Morgan sending out details and booking links on the weekend as usual.
– Adult sessions for the week beginning Monday 21st September will consist of: Ladies Night on Monday from 7pm, Men’s Night on Tuesday from 7pm, and Tennis Xpress Social Play on Wednesday from 7pm. The new Adult Programme will then launch the week beginning Monday 28th September, all being well.

Emails have been sent out to current players and/or parents/guardians with details of our reopening as well as an explanation of our new Covid-19 Self-Assessment Form To Return To Play and a reminder of the current measures in place at CTC, in regards to the Caerphilly County Borough local lockdown and latest Welsh Government guidance.

Having seen the announcement last night that Caerphilly County Borough was to be entered into a local lockdown from 6pm tonight (Tuesday 8th September), we have been seeking clarification on the impact it could have on Caerphilly Tennis Club.

Despite being able to remain open under the local lockdown guidelines, the CTC Management Committee have decided to temporarily close the Club until next Thursday (17th September) at the earliest. Although this is very disappointing as our Junior programme was to reflect something like the “old normal” this week and a new Adult programme set to launch next week, we feel this is in the best interests of our coaches and volunteers, our players and their families, the wider public who are visiting to play and the local community.

We have taken this decision not only because we want to continue to help doing our bit to slow the alarming rise of cases locally within the last week, but also as we received confirmation today that the testing centre will remain at Caerphilly Leisure Centre for another week. We feel having the test site so close to us greatly increases the risk of transmission for all who visit, especially as demand is set to increase in the coming days. If this was located elsewhere, we felt confident we could remain open given the local lockdown guidelines and our own measures. On this note we would like to highlight that since reopening we have received much praise from our users, the public and Tennis Wales for our approach and setup which gives us confidence that we can continue to offer a safe place for everyone to enjoy tennis going forwards.

  • For those who have booked their child into a Junior Social or themselves into an Adult session this week – we will carry the credit over to a future session.
  • For members who have booked courts – access to the Club will be stopped from this evening by replacing our combination lock with a traditional key lock.
  • For visitors who have booked and paid for courts – main contacts will be contacted individually with credit for future bookings and/or refunds offered.

We will obviously continue to monitor the local situation carefully and keep up to date with the latest guidance from Caerphilly County Borough Council and the Welsh Government. The CTC Management Committee plans to review our position next Wednesday, when the testing centre at the adjacent Leisure Centre is set to have closed and we hopefully start to see the positive impact of the local lockdown. Updates will be sent directly to players on our programmes, Club members and public visitors as well as shared at the top of this post and across our social media platforms.


Useful Links
Welsh Government announcement
Caerphilly County Borough Council news release
Updated Tennis Wales / LTA webpage

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Coronavirus Update – Return To Tennis Timeline [Updated]

Update 05/09/2020
Emails have been sent out to all those on our Junior programme regarding Junior Social sessions over the next few weeks that tie in with our pre-lockdown schedule. These sessions will allow your child to return to the Club and tennis as a sport, familiarise themselves with the measures and rules we have in place, and allow Head Coach Jon to assess them ahead of coaching groups resuming later this month.

Update 23/08/2020
Emails have been sent out to all those on our Junior and Adult programmes regarding the possible return of our full coaching schedule from Monday 7th September. Existing Adult players and Junior parents should check their inboxes and get in touch with us if you haven’t received it. New players who wish to join our programmes should still contact us so we can advise further.

Update 26/07/2020
Junior Socials (assisted playing sessions) will be run at CTC by Head Coach Jon from Monday 27th July. Arranged by the playing stage, it will allow players to get back on-court, see their friends and get fresh air and exercise. Places are limited and must be booked and paid for online.

Update 19/07/2020
2 Adult Social Nights will return to CTC as of Monday 20th July. Ladies Night will run on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm, while Men’s Night will run on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. If you would like to attend, please contact Head Coach Jonathan Morgan.

Update 16/07/2020
We have sent out proposed plans for both the return of Adult Socials and Junior activity via email to all players, and would appreciate feedback from Adult players and Junior parents.

Update 10/07/2020
The CTC Management Committee acknowledges the latest lifting of lockdown restrictions as announced today by the Welsh Government and have viewed the freshest guidelines from Tennis Wales, which both represent massive changes not only to tennis but many aspects of daily life. We will, as we have done so throughout lockdown and our phased reopening, consider these details during the coming week and will provide an update in due course.
For now, and until further notice, the current rules both on and off court (which have been in place since we reopened almost 2 weeks ago) remain in place and must be followed by all users.

Update 28/06/2020
Check out our Reopening Preparations Video Diary playlist on the CTC YouTube channel to see all the work our volunteers have done this week to prepare the Club for our reopening tomorrow!

Update 26/06/2020
Emails have been sent to all Junior parents and Adult players containing the links to join as members and book courts, with both now live! If you have any problems, please contact Head Coach Jonathan Morgan.

Update 21/06/2020
We have emailed all Junior parents and Adult players this evening with details of our household membership deal (online registration postponed as we iron out a few issues) and court booking. We also included advice on a safe return to tennis from a physical standpoint, the Tennis Wales guidance and other key CTC information ahead of our reopening on Monday 29th June.

The Welsh Government announced earlier today that outdoor sports courts may reopen from Monday 22nd June 2020 and as such tennis can be played again after a 3 month absence during the Coronavirus Pandemic. While we at CTC are delighted with the news and cannot wait to get back on-court, the Management Committee has agreed to implement a phased return in order to prepare the grounds accordingly, embed new systems of operating across all areas of club management and ultimately manage a smooth and safe return to tennis. This was communicated with current players last weekend, and was positively received, and we are now sharing this information with the wider public. This phased timeline is as follows:

Monday 22nd June
Club to remain closed for play as volunteers prepare the facilities and grounds for a safe reopening. This includes general Club maintenance (that has not been able to be completed due to lockdown restrictions) as well as specific measures taken to minimise the risk of Coronavirus to all users, including installation of hand sanitiser stations, floor markings and introduction of online tools to manage membership and court bookings. During this time we will also run test runs of our procedures as well as produce resources to guide and explain the host of measures in place for the safe playing of tennis at CTC.

Monday 29th June
We will initially open the courts to members only. The 200+ players on our current programme, ranging from 4 year olds right through to 86 years old, will be invited to sign up for membership from Sunday 21st June and then be able to book courts online.

Monday 13th July
If the first phase of reopening goes smoothly and the public health situation maintains or improves in the coming weeks, we will then open up online court booking to the public, as well as giving them the chance to join as members as well.

At each stage of our return of tennis plan, there will be on-going reviews of the systems, court usage and safety measures as well as gathering of feedback from players. This plan is very much flexible to respond to any changes in legislation or guidelines that may occur.

The CTC Management Committee believe this phased approach will allow us to fully embed our new systems both online and practically at the Club, as well as manage court time in the first instance as we anticipate very high demand. We know a lot of members of the public, over 250 in the main summer months alone in 2019, love using our courts each summer and may be disappointed that they have to wait an extra few weeks, but the Management Committee believe this is the safest and most suitable way to reopen our Club.

We will continue to be guided by Welsh Government as well as Tennis Wales / LTA and other bodies. We will be sending detailed information and additional guidelines to current players soon, as well as making this information available online for the public. Future updates on the Return To Tennis will be posted at the top of this post, on social media as well as communicated directly to players.

We would like to take this chance to firstly thank Tennis Wales for all of their efforts in lobbying for the safe return of tennis, and secondly thank all of our players and the wider community for their support and engagement during what has been a very testing time not only for the Club and the local community, but the nation as a whole. Thank you and we hope to welcome you back to CTC very soon!

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