Visitors (non-members) can book courts at CTC using our brand new online platform, where it is just £2.30 per 30 minute session. Guest booking rules include:

  • 7 days advanced booking
  • Book up to 1 hour 30 minutes of play
  • Make up to 3 bookings in any 5 day period

The guest fee (£2.30/30mins) covers the whole court and each court can have up to 4 participants, which represents amazing value at our award winning venue!

Once you have booked your court, you will receive email confirmation. Please read and save this as it includes key information relating to your visit as well as the padlock code needed for the combination lock, which allows you to gain access even when a Club Official is not present.

Please note that at the moment, we do not have a system to operate the floodlights remotely for court bookings, and so they are only available at Club sessions.

You can follow this step by step guide to booking a court online, and should read the CTC Online Court Booking Terms and Conditions before doing so.
*During the Coronavirus Pandemic, all players are asked to read the CTC Visitor Guidance as well as CTC Visitor Walkthrough (Document or Video) prior to visiting so you are aware of the measures and processes we have put in place for arriving and leaving the Club.