Private Lessons

Our multi award winning Head Coach Jonathan Morgan offers private coaching lessons and individual hitting sessions for Juniors and Adults of all abilities. These are arranged at a mutually suitable time for the coach and the player and can be a regular to develop a programme of improvement, or one-off for quick fixes.

Private Coaching Lessons
Get some 1-to-1 time with Head Coach Jonathan Morgan to work on your game. These sessions include drills and are focused on developing a certain aspect of your game, whether at your request or upon further observation of your play.

  • Adult 1-to-1 50 minute coaching lesson – £15
  • Junior 1-to-1 35 minute coaching lesson – £10

Or you can join together with a partner, sibling or friend and get a 1-to-2 lesson with Head Coach Jonathan Morgan, where you work on similar themes in a joint lesson.

  • Adult 1-to-2 50 minute coaching lesson – £22
  • Junior 1-to-2 35 minute coaching lesson – £15

Individual Hitting Sessions
Head Coach Jonathan Morgan also offers individual hitting sessions for capable Juniors and all Adults. These sessions focus on putting you in different rally and point situations so you can gain repetition on approaching and dealing with them. Again, you can decide on the situations or they can be chosen by Head Coach Jonathan Morgan after observing your game.

    Adult 1-to-1 50 minute hitting session – £12
    Junior 1-to-1 35 minute hitting session – £8

* Note, there is a £2 visitor fee applicable to each non-member when they take part in private coaching lessons or individual hitting sessions.