CTC Hit To Wimbledon Fundraiser Challenge

Update 26/06/2021:
The Tennis Leaders along with Project Lead and Head Coach Jonathan Morgan have taken the decision to postpone their Hit To Wimbledon Challenge by 1 week, and so it will now take place on Sunday 11th July.
This is after 6 of our Leaders, who were set to be a part of the challenge team, must self-isolate after positive Covid cases in their schools and as such are not available. And with 4 Leaders already set to miss the original date due to other circumstances/commitments, this would see almost half of our Leaders not be able to participate in their own event, a factor which greatly influenced this decision. Also, with just 12 Leaders taking part in the challenge, it would become much more demanding in terms of time and effort for them all while many will need to be in school the following morning.
The whole group are very excited to come together for this event on the new date of Sunday 11th July and hope to continue to raise lots of money for YoungMinds and their own Leadership Project Fund.

Our 23 newly trained Tennis Leaders wanted to organise a special event that not only raised money for their Leadership Project Fund but also a charity which they all agreed on supporting. So on Sunday 4th July, they will team up and hit the distance from Caerphilly Tennis Club to Centre Court at Wimbledon, a total of 130 miles!

All monies raised will be split equally between:

  • The CTC Leadership Project Fund. This additional funding will provide all 23 candidates with further training, additional resources and more opportunities to help them develop in their volunteer roles, both on the court with their coaching skills but also off the court with their personal development. The project aims to give them valuable volunteer experiences and the opportunities to improve their empoyability/transferable skills, but also benefits CTC as more children can take part in our weekly Junior programme.
  • YoungMinds. While wanting to fundraise for their own Leadership Project Fund, the Leaders unanimously agreed to also support a charity which they all agreed on. This being YoungMinds – the children”s and young people’s mental health charity. Over the past 15 months, they and their peers have faced many challenges and pressures at home, in school, among their friendship groups and within wider society, with one survey by YoungMinds showing that 67% of young people feel the pandemic will have a negative impact on their long term mental health. They want to support the work of YoungMinds to make sure that every young person gets the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

You can donate via cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Caerphilly Tennis Club) when you’re at the Club or get in touch with us for an address to post it to. Or you can donate online here (although card fees will be applied and reduce your overall donation).

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