New Summer Finale 2019 Celebration

To celebrate another incredible summer of tennis at CTC, we are hosting a brand new Summer Finale and are inviting everyone who has played tennis with us over the past 6 weeks to come and celebrate with us, their families and their friends! The first edition of this event will take place on Sunday 8th September, from 3pm to 5:30pm.

– The event will feature a new team quiz with integrated tennis challenges, as inspired by classic TV gameshow Bullseye. This will run from 3pm to 4:15pm. This will be suitable for all ages with questions on everything from TV to current affairs, sport to general knowledge, and the tennis challenges achievable for all ages from Reds to Adults.
– Following this, we will have some carnival games (like Splat The Rat, Soak The Coaches and Tin Can Alley) as well as other activities (like table tennis, volleyball and swingball) for everyone to enjoy! Please note that the carnival games will have small charges of 10p/20p/50p to play as part of our newest fundraising efforts.
– Throughout the whole event, we will be running a BBQ, with a new and expanded menu which includes chicken skewers, veg skewers and a new bacon cheeseburger! Our tuck shop will also be available, selling drinks, sweets, chocolate and ice tip tops.

We will be charging members £2 and non-members £3, and this includes free entry in to the quiz as well as free play on selected activities. This can be paid on the gate when you arrive or to a committee member/coach beforehand.

If you have any questions on the Summer Finale, then please contact our Head Coach Jonathan Morgan on 07891 640642 or email And remember to follow CTC on social media  (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) as we continue to celebrate another very successful summer of tennis and look forward to making this winter the biggest in recent memory!

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