Caerphilly Tennis Club’s 25th Anniversary Season – 2014/15

Caerphilly Tennis Club will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the upcoming 2014/15 season!

The committee have already got some big events planned to commemorate the occasion, and you will also have your chance to have your say and get involved, soon.

Over the next week or so, we will be releasing information on events in the near future at the Club, running a competition for your chance to win £25 off membership for 2014/15 and asking you for your ideas to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary.

And the best way to stay up to date on all of this, as well as coaching updates and other news at the Club, is to join us on our social media sites; follow us on Twitter (@CaerphillyLTC) and like us on Facebook at our official Facebook page.

Throughout the year we will be using the hashtag #CTC25 on Twitter and Facebook so you can find relevant content easily, as well as interact with us.

The first bit of exciting news regarding our 25th anniversary will be released tomorrow across all of our online platforms. Information will also be available at the club on posters, flyers or from our coaches.

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