Judy Murray after her visit to CTC on 10/10/2017!

Family of 4 (parents plus twin boys aged 10) on our Family Fun Friday initiative:
“It’s a great way for us [parents] to get back in to tennis having played many years ago, and for our boys to try a sport which they’ve always enjoyed watching. They fell in love with it very quickly and we think the initial family aspect was big part in that, but coach Jon’s enthusiasm helped too. Plus it’s unbelievable value [just 50p per player for up to 3 hours]. We play most weeks, weather permitting.”

A mother (with 3 children aged 10, 11 and 13) on Family Fun Fridays:
“It’s a brilliant idea which allows the whole family to be active together and is great value! Coach Jon is always on hand to offer tips and even join in at times when I tire!”

One family said of their tennis party for their son’s 9th birthday with 7 friends:
“The tennis party was perfect: the children got fresh air and a chance to run around as well as practice their tennis skills during the games run by Jonathan. They then played amongst themselves before food in the clubhouse. They all had a brilliant time and it was certainly very memorable”.

Another family said of their daughter’s 10th birthday tennis party with us:
“She really enjoyed it despite being inexperienced at the sport. It has given her and a few of her friends a taste for the sport. Jonathan [the coach] was very skilled at coaching the group and it was great fun for all the kids. It was also very good value.”