LTA Youth Start Courses Come To CTC!

CTC are excited to be offering the brand new LTA Youth Start courses throughout 2021! Formerly known as the LTA’s Tennis For Kids programme, we have run many courses in recent years, introducing over 100 new children to tennis!

LTA Youth Start Logo (Landscape)

This fantastic product from the LTA gives children aged 4 to 11 years old a perfect start to tennis. For just £29.99 (+£t P&P), they get:

  • 6 hours of lessons with our specially trained, fully accredited and award-winning Head Coach Jonathan Morgan
  • An LTA Youth Start branded tennis racket (23 or 25 inch) with a set of 3 Mini Red balls
  • An LTA Youth Start t-shirt and 2 wristbands
  • More goodies throughout the course including stickers and activity cards
  • Plus all players will get access to an exclusive offer on follow-on coaching lessons

Upcoming courses:
Course 1 – 5-8 year olds – starting 4pm on Friday 23rd April – *FULL*
Course 2 – 9-11 year olds – starting 5pm on Friday 23rd April – *FULL*
Course 3 – 9-11 year olds – starting 4:30pm on Saturday 15th May – *FULL*
Course 4 – 6-8 year olds – starting 10am on Saturday 12th June

More to be added soon so keep checking back here as well as by following CTC on social media.

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